Karaj is the capital of the Alborz province in Iran. The city developed during the reign of the Safavid and Qajar dynasties and is home to historical monuments. Until the second half of the 20th century it was known mainly as a seaside resort. Today it is an industrial city, with factories for sugar, textiles, wool and cotton yarns, cement, fruits, vegetables and noodles, and dairy products. In recent years, this area has developed into an industrial estate, covering a fairly wide area from Tehran to the first perimeter of downtown Karaj.

Morvarid Palace

An enduring building from the Pahlavi dynasty, located in Karaj’s Mehrshir, designed and built by the Wesley Peters and Frank Lloyd Wright foundation for one million dollars. As Shams Pahlaví, Mohammad Reza Pahlaví’s sister, suffered from asthma, she chose this palace as her home.

Haft Cheshmeh Waterfall

It is located 17 kilometers from the Karaj-Chalus highway and close to the town of Arangeh. It is considered an area of ​​tourist attraction. The waterfalls and the whole area form a very pleasant and interesting place for a summer stay.

Khor waterfall

Khor is a 50 meter high waterfall in the north of Karaj. The Khor village gardens, the ski resort and the waterfall are the tourist attractions of this district of the Alborz province. Like other areas around the road to Chalus, this area is also rich in gardens and blooming flowers in spring that enhance the beauty of the area.

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