Capital of the province of South Khorasan and center of Birjand county. This city is known for its export of saffron, barberry, handmade carpets and tapestries. Being close to the Afghan border, Birjand was on the “Silk Road” linking Afghanistan to the European continent. The city has a dry climate with a lot of difference in daytime and nighttime temperatures. This city is developing more and more, which makes it one of the main centers of eastern Iran.

Akbarieh Palace and Garden

One of the historical places in Birjand. Akbarieh Palace was built on two floors in the Qajar period by Shokat al-Molk. This monument includes a hall of mirrors, a pergola-shaped dome, and honeycomb decorations (niches in the corners). The garden is actually made up of three gardens with many trees. This Persian garden was inscribed on the World Heritage list at the UNESCO conference in 2011.

Birjand Castle

It is the largest and oldest historical monument in Birjand. It is located at the highest point in the western hills of this city and has an area of ​​3,000 square meters, built in the Safavid era.

Imamzadeh Zeid ibn Musa

Known as ‘Zeidulnar’, it is located in the village of Afreez, in Birjand. The main structure is a brick tower. The interior walls of this structure are decorated in a very simple way, although the facade is carved with intricate and delicate bricks. The dome of this mausoleum stands on a 16-panel column. It is said to be the burial place of one of Imam Musa Kazem’s grandsons.

Rahimabad Palace and Garden

It is one of the wonderful gardens of Iran and it is located in the town of Rahimabad. It occupies a special place among the Iranian gardens for its architecture and its special decoration. The complex consists of a garden, a palace, several warehouses, a pond, servants’ quarters and watchtowers. The palace consists of two floors. On the ground floor are the warehouses and the services section, and on the first floor there are several large rooms and halls. The main part of this building is the Hall of Mirrors and most of the decorations in the rooms and halls are inlaid with glass and mirror.

Moud Castle and Garden

One of the famous castles of South Khorasan is that of Moud, in Sarbisheh. Moud Castle is located 30 kilometers from Birjand, in the town of Moud. The main parts include fences, towers, gates, and an old house. Various paints have been used here for the decoration of the building. The garden of the castle of Moud is a typical and unique space with a specific and artistic architecture. It dates back to the time of Zand and changes have been made in other periods.

Kolah Farangi Citadel

One of the historical monuments known as the symbol of the city of Birjand. It was used as the seat of government during the reign of Amir Khan and was built in the late Zand period.


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