Zurkhaneh Zurkhaneh is a Persian gym where athletes undergo a series of bodybuilding techniques. The term Zurkhaneh refers to the training place, whose literal meaning is “powerhouse”. The ritual is carried out by a musician who sings poems and is accompanied by the rhythm of the drum and rings bells to determine the beginning of


Zulbia Bamieh (Persian donut) Zulbia and Bamiyeh are a type of dessert that can be found in pastry shops in Iran, especially during the month of Ramadan. The raw materials of this dessert are: flour, yogurt, starch and yeast. Once the dough is prepared, depending on the desired shape, it is immersed in oil to

Zonouz pottery

Zonouz pottery Zonouz is a city in the eastern Azerbaijan province, near the central district of Marand. In this city there is a kaolin mine that provides the necessary material for the production of ceramics. When kaolin was scarce and the technology to make tools was only available in China, the land of Zonouz was


Zingan Cave The natural cave of Zingan is located in the middle of an extensive plain near the town of Salehabad, in the province of Ilam. This cave has a very pleasant and quite cold climate, which is why it is also known as “Behesht” cave, which means paradise. Many professional ecotourists believe that this

Zigurat of Choga Zanbil

Zigurat of Choga Zanbil The ziggurat is an ancient temple of the Elamites, based on a four-story square plan with a temple top and an estimated height of more than 50 m, surrounded by numerous buildings, temples and palaces, and protected by three walls. The ziggurat consists of a huge mud brick structure, reinforced by


Introducing Zanjan Located in the northwest of Iran in a mountainous area at 1663 meters above sea level, it is the capital of the province of Zanjan, as well as an important city due to its position on the transit route to Turkey and Europe. As a geographical unit, Zanjan Province connects the Azerbaijani Plateau

Zahedan, The city of wonders has been discovered

Sistan and Baluchistan One of the provinces located in the southeast of Iran and the third largest in terms of area. The province bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan. The name Baluchistan means land of the Baluchis and the term Sistan comes from the Sakastana which means land of the Sakas, that is, the Scythians. The Scythians


Zabol Zabol is the capital of the district of the same name, in the province of Sistan and Baluchistan, and on the border with Afghanistan. Zabol is located near Lake Hamún and the region is irrigated by the Hirmand River. Lake Hamún is a seasonal lake that is usually dry. The inhabitants of Zabol are

Yazd Sweets

Yazd Sweets Yazd is one of the must-see places in Iran, known for its old town and the “Badgir” wind towers. The beauties and historical monuments of this city attract tourists from all over the world. Some of Yazd’s traditional sweets have many admirers not only in Iran, but also around the world. Qottab: The

Yazd pottery

Yazd pottery Ceramic art is one of the most interesting and ancient crafts in Yazd, which due to its history and economic importance, testifies to the artistic taste of the inhabitants of the central region of Iran. In the city of Meybod, in Yazd, in Mend-e Gonabad, in Khorasan, and in Estahban, in Fars, white


Yazd It is the largest mud city in the world, also known as the bride of the desert or city of the wind towers. In terms of population, it is the fifteenth city in Iran and the eighth in terms of area. This beautiful city preserves an impressive architecture, which combats the high temperatures in


Yasuj Yasuj the provincial capital of Kohkiluyeh and Buyer Ahmad, is located along the Beshar River, at an altitude of 1831 meters above sea level. Yasuj, in the northeast of the province, is located among oak forests with a temperate, generally cold climate. Rain and snow are abundant in this city, making it a perfect


The Night of Yalda The longest night of the year The winter solstice marks the longest night in the Persian calendar, Yalda (December 21 or 22), celebrated by Iranian families since ancient times and as Nowruz – Persian New Year, March 21 – is a festival whose origin dates back to the pre-Islamic period. The

Yakh Morad

Yakh Morad Cave One of the most famous caves in Iran is Yakh Morad, located in Alborz province, along the famous Karaj-Chalus highway. Numerous stalactites and stalagmites of ice and other sediments have created fascinating and unique shapes in the heart of the cave. Its history dates back to the second geological period. Some specialists


Varzaneh The hidden gem in the geographic center of Iran. It is a small city located on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir desert, and it contains architectural elements and the typical landscape of the desert region of Iran. Varzaneh is a curious destination for those who like to explore popular places and rural culture.


Varzaneh The desert closest to the city of Isfahan and the most famous in this province is called the Varzaneh desert. It is located 100 km east of Isfahan, 150 km west of Yazd and is surrounded by the city of Varzaneh and Zayandeh Rud to the north and the Gavkhuni wetland to the east.


Urmia Orumiyeh or Urmia is a city located in the northwestern part of Iran, dating back to the second millennium BC. according to historians. Its name means city of water in the Assyrian language, due to the existence of Lake Orumiyeh. Azeris make up the majority of its population, while the minority is made up

Uramanat, lovely tourism heaven of western Iran

Introducing Uramanat (Hawraman Takht) Uramanat or Oraman is an attractive small city in the west of Iran, which is located in Kurdistan province, 150 km west of Sanandaj and 63 km south of the beautiful city of Marivan. Hawraman Takht is the center of a unique rural area with special culture and customs, lingo and


Uraman It is situated in a valley oriented from east to west, on a steep slope overlooking the northern part of the Takht Mountains, south of Marivan. Most of the houses in this village are stone and stair-shaped like Palangan and Masuleh. The beams cover the ceilings, the uneven stone blocks form the walls, and

Unique treasure

The National Jewelry Museum of Iran It is a collection of the most precious jewels in the world, collected over the centuries. Each object in the Museum recalls the bittersweet victories and defeats, which at the same time can be a reflection of the history of Iran and the artistic talent of its goldsmiths. This


Tuyserkan Capital of the county of Tuyserkan, located about 100 km south of Hamadan, in western Iran. However, he used to be called Rud Avar. This city was ruined by the Mongol invasion and its inhabitants fled to the village of Tuy, later called Tuyserkán because of its proximity to Serkan: a city northwest of

Torbat-e Heydarieh

Torbat-e Heydarieh Torbat-e Heydarieh is a city and the capital of the district of Torbat-e Heydarieh, in the province of Khorasan Razaví. The name Torbat in Persian means “holy place” or “holy tomb”, in fact it is the burial place of Heydar named after Qotb al-Din Heydar, a Sufi mystic whose tomb is located in

Top 7 of Traditional Bazaars in Iran | historical market in Iran

Shopping is always one of the most attractive activities for tourists during their travel to Iran. The traditional Bazaars of Iran, in addition to the pleasures of buying and preparing souvenirs, are a wonderful place to observe the beautiful Iranian architecture and learn more about the culture of Iranian peoples. Most cities in Iran have

The Poetry and Classical Poets of Iran

The Poetry and Classical Poets of Iran Main forms and rhythmic patterns The ancient Persian language of the Achaemenid Empire, preserved in numerous cuneiform inscriptions, was an Indo-European language with strong affinities with Sanskrit and Avestan (the language of Zoroastrian sacred texts). After the fall of the Achaemenids, the ancient language evolved into Middle Persian

The most famous Iranian caravanserais

What is a caravanserai? What was the purpose of the caravanserais in the past? In the past, Iranian caravanserais were resting places for groups and people who reached this place after a long walk, put their horses in the stables of the caravanserais, and rested after drinking water and eating Iranian food. In the past,

The most beautiful cities in Iran from the point of view of tourists

Iran is known as a four-season country that has many tourist attractions. From the works registered in UNESCO to the beautiful cities, deserts, forests, mountains and seas, each of them are among the tourist attractions of Iran, they have unique beauty and attract millions of tourists every year. Iran is known as one of the

The best museums in Iran; Narrators of the history and culture of Persia

When traveling to countries that have a rich historical and cultural background, one of the aspects of traveling is getting to know the history and culture of that country. Museums represent the historical and cultural aspects of the people of a nation. In Iran, thanks to the history and culture of several thousand years and


Tehran The capital of Iran and also the most dynamic and prosperous city in the country with a population of over 9 million. Tehran presents the bustling atmosphere of any great capital in the world, while revealing itself as the cornerstone of Iran’s contemporary history and offers an extraordinary cultural offer to the traveler, among

Takht-e Soleiman

Takht-e Soleiman The archaeological site of Takht-e Soleiman, in northwestern Iran, is situated in a valley in the middle of a region of volcanic mountains. The site includes the main Zoroastrian shrine, partially rebuilt during the Ilkhani period (13th century), and a temple dedicated to Anahita from the Sassanid period (6th and 7th centuries). The


Tabriz A modern city with great industrial potential and a merchandise distribution center. Situated in a valley north of Mount Sahand, it is the capital of the East Azerbaijan province and the fourth most populous city in the country, the majority of which are Azeris. Given its location, it enjoys mild summers, which makes it