Saryazd Castle: Old Sasanian Bank

Saryazd Castle is located near the Yazd-Kerman road and in the village of Saryazd, being one of the largest and most beautiful castles in Mehriz county. The castle dates from the Sassanid period, before the arrival of Islam in Iran. This monument is surrounded by a ditch six meters wide and four meters deep. The trench is considered the first layer of defense of the castle.

The castle has two defensive walls and a fence. The outer fence, six meters high, is made up of three round towers and a square tower, and the inner fence, nine meters high, is made up of six round towers. The inner castle, dating from the Sassanid period, was built under a precise order on three floors, including the residential sector, the service sector, etc.

The complexity of the interior spaces, together with the tower and walls, the simple and courteous geometric shapes and the beautiful exterior volume of the building are the unique characteristics that have made Saryazd Castle one of the most picturesque in the country. The magnificent fortress was used to store grain and food, but also to store valuables such as gold and jewelry when the city was attacked.

This old bank is still in good shape and is well worth the trip from Yazd. The main exterior walls and towers are intact, surrounded by a moat, and the interior is filled with 450 rooms. The labyrinthine interior can be explored for hours. The construction of the Saryazd castle was such that it made access difficult. The small entrances and narrow corridors only allowed one person at a time.

Pahlavanpur Garden

Mahriz’s Pahlavanpur Garden is related to the Qajar period and is located in the Mazvir Abad district. This garden is rare in the entire region and belonged to one of Yazd’s entrepreneurs named Ali Pahlavanpur. The most valuable part of the garden is the Kushk or Sharbat Khaneh, built on three floors with an area of ​​1500 square meters. The Kushk summer area is highly decorated and is considered the most beautiful part of the building. This pavilion is located in the main axis of the garden according to the regulations of the Iranian gardens.

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