During Sassanid times, it was one of the most important cities in the country in Istakhr forming one of the main capitals of the Sassanid Empire. Izadkhast is a city whose elegant and majestic castle welcomes visitors as soon as they enter the province of Fars. It is one of the oldest cities in Iran and its historical attractions are located in the southeast corner of the city.

The most important monument that appears before our eyes is a wonderful castle hidden in the main street of the city. A beautiful and historic castle resembling a gigantic ship. Around this castle you can see many other Sassanid monuments and two important Safavid buildings. The Shah Abbasí Caravanserai and the Safavida Bridge, which spans the Izadkhast River, are also near this castle.

Izadkhast Castle

Izadkhast Ancient Castle, also known as Sarsang Castle, is one of the first multi-story buildings in the world. Built with materials of clay, mud, wood and straw, this castle reaches a height of seventy meters, so it has a high level of security. The only way to enter the castle from its southern direction is via a movable wooden bridge over a moat. There are still remains of the castle’s columns, walls, vestibules, houses and baths.

The total area of ​​the castle is about twenty thousand square meters, which, according to the available information, shows that about five thousand people lived in it. The Izadkhast Castle Fire Temple, with its four arches and stone columns some eleven meters high, is one of the most famous fire temples of the Sassanid era. This building became a mosque in the 9th century after the Islamic invasion. Many writers and orientalists have written about the castle, including Dr. Hazish Brukshun and the famous Moroccan traveler Ibn Battuta.

Other attractions in this region are the great Izadkhast Valley, the many caves along the valley that are attributed to the time of the arrival of the Aryans in this region, and the Median settlement, the Izadkhast Arch Dam, from the time Sasanian, which may be the first arch dam in the Middle East, and lastly the Safavid caravanserai that was built by order of Sah Abbas about four centuries ago with a square shape, typical of the caravanserais of Iran.

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