Mount Damavand, a dormant volcano and the highest point in Iran, is located northeast of Tehran, in the Alborz mountain range. Its summit rises to an altitude of 5,671 meters. The image of this volcano, similar to Mount Fuji, is printed on the 10,000 rial banknotes and bottles of mineral water. On a clear, pollution-free day, Damavand can be seen from the window of planes landing in Tehran.

Damavand, mentioned in Persian mythology, is the place where Rustam, hero of the Shahnamé (Epic of the Kings), Persian epic set by Ferdowsí in the 11th century, chained the demonic Zahak. The volcano is also home to the Simurgh, a mythical bird that regenerates from its ash and has a healing effect. Linked to Zal and Rustam, two of the mythical figures of the Shahnamé, the Simurgh is the protector of legendary monarchs and Iranian sovereignty. Being a symbol of royalty, it also represents an initiatory figure illuminated by divine light in Sufi esotericism, even by the invisible presence of God. The Mongol invasion of Iran established the representation of the Simurgh, modeled on that of the phoenix.

The mountain is equipped with several hiking shelters and we can enjoy its magnificent nature. The Iranian mountaineering race is not completed without having climbed this summit.

The southern area of ​​Damavand offers easy walking trails. The starting point for the trails is the picturesque village of Polur. To get to this town, where Mount Damavand boasts its charm, we could start from Tehran. This path leads to the summit.

The western part of Damavand is not as extensive as the southern part. The paths become a little more difficult, but they retain a great charm of the typical landscape of the region. This part is known for the image that Damavand offers its visitors at sunset time.

The northern part of Damavand would have the more difficult route mainly suitable for those who prefer climbing rather than hiking. Here there are also suitable shelters for mountaineers.

The difficulty of the trails may vary depending on the season.


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