Ardakan is the capital of the central Ardakan constituency and the second largest city in Yazd province. It was founded in the 12th century in the Zardug region. Ardakan is located 60 kilometers from Yazd and has a dry climate. The word Ardakan in Persian means “holy place” or “clean place” (and the city has many historical religious attractions such as the Zir-e-Deh mosque, Emam-Zadeh Mir Seyed Mohammad and the Tekyeh bazaar and the central district known as Sharkh Ab (water distribution).

Yazd province is one of the Zoroastrian centers of Iran and there are many holy places dedicated to this cult practiced in Iran. Chak Chak and Sharif-Abad are two places that each summer welcome thousands of Zoroastrian pilgrims from all over the world.

Aqda village

Located near the Yazd-Isfahan highway and 40 km northwest of Ardakan. The village includes historical buildings such as the Haj Abolqasem Rashti caravanserai, a structure that resembles, in some respects, the Shah Abbasí caravanserai, built to protect the village houses.

Khargushi Caravanserai, Aqda

It is a structure of the Safavid period (Shah Abbas I), located near the Gav Khuni lagoon, in the town of Aqda, at the end of the route traveled by the caravans. The name of this caravanserai is due to being in the desert area along the lagoon.

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