One of the most charming and ancient towns in the country is located in the province of Isfahan, 40 km from Natanz. This village, considered one of the highest on the outskirts of Dasht-e Kavir (Great Salt Desert), is built at different levels on the slope of the Karkas Mountains.

In the past, the town used to be called Viuna or Vianeh whose meanings are willow and willow zone, respectively.

The historical monuments of the town of Abyaneh consist of 11 ancient mosques, Zoroastrian temples, three castles and a spectacular cemetery. Among the mosques, the oldest belongs to the Seljuk era, year 477 in the lunar calendar, whose altar has been carved with Kufic script.

Regarding the language, the locals speak Persian with a dialect of its own originating from the Pahlavi language, the language of the Sassanid empire.

The town is characterized by the reddish hue of the houses in a tiered structure and the traditional clothing with colorful patterns of its inhabitants.


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