Abyaneh, one of the beautiful and old villages in Isfahan Province, is located 40 km from Natanz. This place is considered as one of the highest and most ancient villages on the fringes of Dasht-e Kavir (the Great Salt Desert), surrounded by The Karkas Mountain Chain (meaning mountain of vultures in Persian: Kuh-e Karkas).

 In the past, Abianeh used to be called Viuna /Vi or Viyane, the meaning of which are willow and area of willow, respectively.

Historical monuments of Abianeh Village include 11 old mosques, Zoroaster Temples, three defensive castles placed at the top and a very unique cemetery. Among its mosques, the oldest one belongs to the Seljuk era 477 AH (the Islamic Calendar), that its altar has been carved with Kufic script. As far as language is concerned, the Persian language spoken in this village is a combination of several dialects endured from the Sassanid and Pahlavi era.

Its peculiarity of rufous tint of the houses in a stepped structure plays a major role in attracting numerous visitors.


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